A Magical Branding Photoshoot for Avia Pervia that we Adored


We always adore having personal branding photoshoots, since they offer us the chance to become extra creative and unleash our passion for attention to detail. This photoshoot was a miracle on Earth for us, since it combined professionalism with flair and fun.

We took the initiative of having this photoshoot due to the fact that it reflected our point of view in the way a branding photoshoot should be at the wedding industry. Avia Pervia’s style was so close to ours, that we thought it was ideal. We have always wanted to collaborate with high-quality designers while assisting new brands to go public with a remarkable, unique, adapted to their perspective final image.

We always look for collaborations that embrace a fine art approach when it comes to decor, and that is the reason why we adored this project. Chloe Koromila was also there to coordinate the photo shooting, planning everything thoroughly, and making us laugh when we need it the most.

We absolutely loved the outdoor concept with the white flowers by Red Box Days and the white chairs, as much as we fell in love with the second branding photoshoot which was in the hues of gold. We always love to have branding photoshoots that have high aesthetics and we also adore being a part of that kind of projects.

Avia Pervia’s photoshoot was a magnificent opportunity for us to enhance our portfolio with a fabulous work of art. Mostly, we had a fantastic time and collaboration with all of the participants, and especially Chloe Koromila. This branding photoshoot provided us with a great experience for the future, so as to keep creating outstanding, innovative, and magical pictures for all of our clients.

If you are searching for the right photographer to make your branding photoshoot take off, do not hesitate to contact us.

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