A Magnetic Personal Branding Photoshoot With Chloe Koromila and her team


As photographers, we are always honored to have new photoshoots of people we like and appreciate. Here in VY Simopoulos, we are always very careful with the people we choose to have a branding photoshoot with since we pay extra attention to detail and we go for the finest result possible.

Branding photoshoots are very special since we have to keep in mind the character of each brand, the main colors, as well as the expertise of the client. This branding photoshoot was with one of our favorite persons in the wedding industry, Chloe Koromila. She and her two brilliant assistants pose in front of our camera, in order to promote their brand and acquire some marvelous pictures.

We have always admired Chloe for her professionalism and her artistic touch, therefore the final result was impeccable. We also had a great time, since we enjoyed the process of photo shooting. Our main goal was to show the wedding world the ethereal essence of the wedding industry in combination with the professional aspect of this occupation.

This photoshoot took place in Chloe’s personal office as well as in a fantastic garden she owns, and we both thought that the final result was magnetic. There were two parts to this personal branding photoshoot, so the three women had to change their clothing and poses. Therefore, we created an exceptional first photoshoot that was totally professional and a second one that was more aetherial and spontaneous.

The final result was amazing, and all of us were extremely happy that we took place in the whole procedure.We are always proud to be a part of a personal branding photoshoot, and our collaboration with Chloe and her assistants was even better than I initially expected.

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