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Someone, someday will ask who you are – as a family, as lovers, as friends. We’re here to make sure you leave behind a really good answer.
Family history is an important part of our identity as wedding photographers.
We are Vesi & Yannis, two fine art wedding photographers, a sister and a brother who understand that the more humans fathom our heritage, the more we undestand ourselves. That is actually how we came where we are today!
We practically grew up sorting out film scans, discovering the magic of light through the lens, and the journeys of endless couples our father – a celebrated Greek wedding photographer- has been documenting since the 70ies. We were shutterbugs in the making.
Over a progression of many years exploring destinations in Greece and Europe, candid moments between lovers, families and friends, we took on our father’s steps to form our destination wedding photography services certain that no matter how diverse, a couple in love is the sweetest story ever told!
Today we travel wherever love takes you, to document intimate stories, delicious social events and big-day celebrations, always seeking out the meaningful and subtle moments, the ones you want to bottle up and cherish forever. We love the excitement of a special fete, the explosion of scents and colors, but also the quiet portraiture that speaks volumes of your journey together.
We are tremendously curious about your big plans, we wish to get to know you better and make something beautiful together! Connect with us for the good news and we promise that when someone, someday asks who you are – as a family, as lovers, as friends, we will be here to make sure you leave behind a really good answer!

Vesi’s visuals draw from a classic Mediterranean aesthetic and brings a fresh feminine perspective to our studio. She affectionately narrates wedding stories, building an effortless rapport with our couples as she captures their cherished memories.
I love to add that special layer of elegance and emotion to the weddings I document. I’ll gently guide you through your Big-Day photography decisions and listen for the nuances of your celebration, be it your destination engagement, your wedding day, your milestone, or your honeymoon images. No two days are the same: the light, the weather, the scene, the people, all so beautiful to witness and oh-so inviting to photograph! Fresh eyes and sweet loving vibes!


To Yiannis weddings ARE BIG NEWS! He will follow the action, capture it from a thoughtful perspective and show you the otherwise seen. He will stay calm under pressure, and believes that your big-day is going to be incredible all on its own.
I value planning and spend some time scouting a venue or a location brainstorming ideas for first looks and portraiture. will focus on capturing every special moment, the different measures everything happens so I can deliver to my couples and their families heirlooms they will treasure for years to come. Easing you into your greatest day together speaks volumes!

You are dreamers, we’re believers. You have a soft spot for stunning vistas and perfect little details, we love this jolly ‘dolce vita’ feel! You like to adventure sailing in the azure sea, party under orange-lit lanterns, dance the day off and nestle inside each other’s arms on a waiving hammock, we’re in for all these and a thousand more. Photographs are time-capsules; we vow to keep you traveling in time, in love and your perfect memories together!