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We, Vesi and Yiannis Simopoulos, have made it our life’s purpose to turn your wedding memories into an incomparable wedding imagery.

Imagine the unmatchable final touch.

Imagine your wedding day floating smoothly, with you smiling blissful, experiencing your “happily ever after” in each second that passes. Imagine your first kiss, your first dance, your first glance as a married couple.Now, imagine all these lasting forever, never fading away, never being forgotten!

For us, this is the essence of wedding photography: Unfading memories.

With our prime digital media and our over than 15 years’ experience, this promising ability of narrating your love story through our camera’s lenses becomes reality. Now, your destination photography in Greece has all that is needed in order to be one of the kind.As a result, we feel more than blessed for this truly phenomenal experience.

For life consist of distinguished, united fragments of so valuable and yet invaluable moments.

And, thanks to this extraordinary gift we were granted, we honor our promise to ourselves as well as to you; our promise of providing blissful memories of wedding journeys to all of our couples.At the end of our time together, you enjoy bespoke, editorial, everlasting wedding images, which will always come alive before your eyes – touching the inner strings of your heart and soul…

As we believe, not only do you need to see your greatest wedding dream being fulfilled but also, you deserve to feel confident and content with the whole process of your wedding photo – shoot while, simultaneously, you fully enjoy our high-end products.

Therefore, by choosing a destination wedding photographer who deeply understands your deepest needs and most desired wedding wishes, you have the opportunity to “hold” these dreamy wedding journey of yours inside your memories for as long as you wish.

For what is life without our so priceless – pure and clear – vivid memories?

Our Perspective

We deeply respect your inner wish to shield your magical moments with your loved one in such a way only the two of you can understand. And we strongly believe that a wedding photography should contain all these elements that create an absolutely remarkable final result.

This is the reason why every time we share all these majestic wedding moments with a couple, we make sure to turn their extremely priceless wedding emotions and moments into lifetime, fresh and vivid memories.

This way, at the end of your wedding day, when your life together finally begins, you acquire a filled with blissful emotions imagery – one to lay your eyes upon each day of the years to come…

Through our  wedding images which stand out, your dreamy wedding day remains untouched by time.

Each one of our imageries are especially created for the couple we collaborate with, as we invest all our time, experience, knowledge, talent, passion and energy to your wedding preparation, wedding day as well as your imagery’s craftiness.

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Greece Wedding Photographer 3

Our Purpose

For us, your destination wedding photography in Greece is so significant as your wish to be fully satisfied with each step of the process.

In our hands, you can feel safe not only for the fact that your wedding images are going to be thundering and ravishing but also, that you and your better half are about to add a positive, blissful, once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience during your wedding photoshoot.

The main reason why is that we are here for you in order to guide you each step of the wedding process, from the very beginning we meet and begin our path to your wedding experience, to the moment you will receive your exquisite imagery.

We promise to stand by your side as your wedding procedure unravels, capturing each little and so needed detail with undivided attention, endless inspiration, incomparable creativity, and sheer felicity.

You are dreamers, we’re believers. You have a soft spot for stunning vistas and perfect little details, we love this jolly ‘dolce vita’ feel! You like to adventure sailing in the azure sea, party under orange-lit lanterns, dance the day off and nestle inside each other’s arms on a waiving hammock, we’re in for all these and a thousand more. Photographs are time-capsules; we vow to keep you traveling in time, in love and your perfect memories together!