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Daniella & Luciano Winter wedding at a private estate in Greece

If there is one thing to love about a winter wedding it is the richness and bounty a cold-weather fete calls for! Winter affairs have a lot going for them! Apart from the fact that it’s the best time to go Black-Tie, they’re all about luxuriance: from color palettes to lavish flowers and luscious décor, there are elements of the season to inspire a theme that will definitely make a statement. This is what we had in mind when siding with wedding designers and planners Zilevents and Iro Sanouli who brought on a rich, punchy, and plush winter wedding scene at a private estate in the Greek countryside.
From the wedding planners:
THE VENUE: Artland Chora is a private estate in the heart of Central Greece corseted by profuse forestland where natural beauty abounds. Age-old oaks, almond trees, firs, pomegranates, quinces, and pines scent the air with heady, fruity aromas adding to the idylle of the little picket-fenced stone-cottage, creating a lovely ambiance for an alfresco wedding.
THE PAPER GOODS: Winter weddings and gatherings are characterized by glamorous details and although it is customary to adopt a nod to the wedding decor on paper goods and wedding invitation suites. Instead, Mougiakakos opted to evoke the misty forest approach indicating the location and style of the celebration, using golden calligraphy and letterpress on the entire suite.
THE VOWS: As most weddings around these parts come with a religious church-ceremony we went for a simple vow-reading preceded by a first look session and focused on the couple’s romantic portraiture. We made sure to pay tribute to the Greek tradition of the groom offering the bridal bouquet to the bride.
THE FLORAL DESIGN: Pink King Protea, dyed black roses, Lagurus, and Magnolia leaves combed to pomegranates, red Rosehips, red Spray roses, Hydrangeas, and dyed Asparagus, trimmed with Parthenocissus, and gold Viburnum dyed seeds created our dusky and festive wedding flower decor for both the reception and the couple’s bars. The Garden Store made use of the estate’s wooden pergola to create a decadent cloud of wintertime foliage as a canopy above the dinner with overgrowing ascending arrangements in the center and cascading ones on the seating, following the same pattern for the candy and libation stations.
THE STATIONS (DESSERTS & LIBATION): For the candy station we wished to create a recommendation most couples overlook. It is important to serve between three and five options for a well-rounded dessert display, so we went for something chocolate, something fruity, something caramel-focused, and something that’s not overly sweet that will satisfy all guests’ dessert preferences. Fruit of the season, caramelized souffle, macaroons, the fruit of the forest puddings, salted sugar spoon treats, and candied apples channeled our holiday mood for desserts, while The Cake Lab also created an upside-down tiered cake with stuccoed floral details in teal and terracotta. For the libation corner, we staged a three-option display, a signature old-fashioned cocktail with candied fruit, traditional brandy, and champagne, but kept it minimal as this year’s stipulations call for seated servings.
THE TABLE SET: As we love textures we wanted to personalize the table setting using a lot of wood details that proliferate in the area. In lieu of sous-plats we custom-made oak crest-shaped chargers, pairing beautifully with stoneware, dove-grey linens, golden cutlery, crystal, and engraved chrome-gold glassware, from Lavatoy as well as the couple’s favor, a matte wood round jewel-box filled with cherry-core dragee confections. As the weather gets chilly after dusk we used cashmere blankets on the seating to keep the couple and their guests warm, while creating tailored signage for the bride and groom’s seats with according floral arrangements. Low floral centerpieces made sure conversation is easy and flowing.
THE FASHION: Inspired by the local myth of wood-nymphs roaming the coppice, our bride wore a delicate Crochelle Atelier tule and lace dress and a winter-floral wreath to match the decor blooms and her bouquet. For the dapper dressing of the groom, we chose an LK Menstyle look that tapped on the festive season, going for a burgundy velvet smoking suit jacked with contrasting black silk satin peak lapel, a pochette, and a burgundy bow tie.

                                                                           COORDINATION AND STYLING : IRO SANOULI  –  ZILEVENTS