A destination wedding in Greece is, most certainly, a majestic experience you definitely should add to your “lifetime’s journal of the most exquisite experiences I have ever had” – if such thing really existed, that is. We strongly believe that your dreams for a luxurious, filled with flair and magic moments destination wedding in Greece that stands out is easier to be achieved than you originally thought. 

While you take a look at this breathtaking destination wedding in Greece, you are going to explore not only ideas and solutions for your big day, but also ways to make your most extravagant wedding dreams come true! 

So, winter is here for good and, along with it, so is the chance to enjoy maybe the most poetic and simultaneously magnetic wedding of summer 2022. Are you ready to dive into the deep, crystal-clear sea waters of Spetses while following one of the most joyful and filled with love and passion wedding experiences we have ever had the opportunity to cover?

This last summer our camera lenses’ were there – as always – to guide step by step a fresh and blissful couple, who got married maybe in the most extraordinary (as well as intimate) way. We both enjoyed the whole process to the fullest, while capturing with our prime equipment the felicity that filled the air each step of the process.

Most of us search for true love. However, even though this is sometimes difficult to find, when we hug, kiss and offer to our better half all these magical moments of untouched romance, it seems like all the effort and the obstacles we had to overcome totally worth it.

Probably, this is the case of Antonia and Nikos. This truly lovely couple of Greek Americans have chosen to share their magical lives – which we are sure are filled with warm smiles and sweet cuddling – between New York and Vancouver. 

                                  Spetses Island Was Filled With Majestic Luxury Due To This Wedding Preparation


To begin with, the preparation of the bride – which took place in the marvelous hotel Poseidonion – is absolutely chic and glamorous. Poseidonion is the most imposing and splendid hotel in Spetses, as it is not only as luxurious as it can possibly be, but it also has a great history behind it. If you are preparing a destination wedding or an elopement in Greece, then you definitely need to take a good look at its unrepeatable decoration and its more than comfortable facilities, which make it ideal for a wedding photo-shoot.

When it comes to the actual bride preparation, the way Antonia poses for our camera while she drinks champagne or gets dressed, is one of a kind. These images, as well as the ones with the wedding dress hanging on the window, provide a result of remarkable symmetry, leaving us speechless.

Most of all, we adored the photo-shoot out in the nature, where she also shares some magical moments with her twin sister, who – as it is only normal – is ultra happy for the bridal journey Antonia is about to begin. However, nobody could leave out this absolutely stunning wedding dress, designed beautifully by bridal fashion designer Vera Wang – a wedding dress which points out the bride’s strongest features, while it remains classy and distinctive.

Greek tradition is the main characteristic of the groom’s preparation in this destination wedding in Spetses. Nikos seems to enjoy to the fullest his path to getting united with the love of his life, smiling deeply as he spends his time with his family and friends. His style is lavish yet humble, since he most definitely awaits for the big, magical and unique experience of stepping into the chamber of love with Antonia, his future wife.

                                                   All The Love You Could Wish For In Merely One Wedding Ceremony


Well, what can anyone say about this truly outstanding wedding ceremony?

Dressed in white tactful flowers – a floral design by Anastasia Thiveou stylish fans for the hot days of the summer and wedding favors made from fabric  (carrying the bride and the grooms initials on them), we most certainly speak for one of a kind wedding decoration! All this came together thanks to wedding planning and design agency Happy Events, who organized and designed each step of this spectacular wedding day with extreme detail and deep mindfulness – aiming to fill Antonia and Nikos’ souls with peace and joy for eternity.

One thing you surely need to know about some small Greek islands is that nobody uses cars or motorbikes while spending time there. Among them is Spetses, where everyone moves on foot, bicycle, tricycle or carriage, a remarkable tradition that goes years and years back and everybody understands and respects it.

Therefore, this is the main reason why, in this extraordinary destination wedding in Greece, the bride, Antonia,  arrived to the Agios Nikolaos Church (which is sort of the symbol of the island) in order to meet her better half, while enjoying a walk around the island in a classical yet classy black and white chariot with wooden details. Simultaneously, the groom, Nikos, arrived  along with his best man riding a tricycle, looking more jolly and content than ever.

                                           Who Wouldn’t Wish For Incomparable Wedding Images That Last Forever?


We followed the wedding ceremony inside the monumental Agios Nikolaos Church, providing the happy couple with exceptional and authentic images that will most certainly be a part of their daily lives from now on, reminding them how special and important true love is. Both Antonia and Nikos seem to be at least overwhelmed and deeply moved with their holy union, which becomes even more apparent when observing the high quality work we aimed to offered.

We tried to capture in the best way possible through our camera lenses the filled with honesty and tenderness smiles of the bride and the groom, as well as all the magic that surrounds the Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony. These wedding images are definitely a proof that, booking an experienced wedding photographer is maybe one of the most important things you will do, if you wish to create majestic memories that elevate the most special day of your life in a day filled with glory.


Later on, when this fantastic wedding ceremony came to its end and the married couple shared their lovely moments with each other as long as with their loved ones – creating unforgettable images for us to remember – Antonia and Nikos arrived to Kaiki Beach on a boat to celebrate this important day. The wedding decoration was designed with extreme elegance and style, while the splendid wedding party that occurred there definitely stole the show.


                        Both the bride and the groom prepared for the happily ever after they were about to enjoy for the rest of their days.


We know that your wedding day is important for you. If you are coming to Greece for your destination wedding, then you most certainly need an experienced wedding photographer to provide you with incomparable results that will last through time. Your needs are important to us.

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