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Your highly desired engagement in Greece is approaching, since Summer seems to be only a few months away and your engagement preparations must be running in high speeds right now.

Maybe, Christmas has just passed (with everything that this entails, such as enormous Christmas trees adorning the living rooms and stone fireplaces burning constantly while creating wooden-like smells), but Summer – along with your engagement or wedding day – is coming up close. 

Therefore, now is high time for you and your better half to cuddle on your soft sofa, holding hot chocolate or some kind of drink on your hands, when planning your exquisite future together – your engagement in Greece.

                What Is The Significance Of An Engagement – And Why You Should Definitely Have One In Greece?


Your engagement day is a very important part of the whole process of your wedding experience. Engagements are known for their intimate and romantic style, which definitely provides both you and your loved one with the opportunity you have always wished for: Enjoying your unique and special moments together, just the two of you or among some of your beloved family members and friends, honoring the eternal love you share for each other.

As you can surely observe in today’s images, an engagement in Greece can be an experience to remember. Even if it is certain that there will be no other day for your relationship like your wedding day, a successful engagement offers you a magical feeling that is – to be honest – indescribable and incomparable.

Moreover, one thing you should keep in mind is that each engagement has its own concept, theme, style, way of expressing the couple’s point of view on life and love, as well as location that takes place. All these are extremely significant for us, the destination wedding photographers, in order to create unrepeatable and outstanding images that the happy couple will most certainly admire, cherish and hold in their hearts and minds as a vivid reminder of their once in a lifetime first step as an official couple.

Thankfully, engagements in Greece are very popular, since our country is rich in places as well as in wedding experts, therefore the whole process becomes quite simple and pleasant.

Dive into your holly experience of sharing love with your better half, by exchanging rings and words that are priceless not only for the moments of their occurrence, but also, for all the days that are about to follow…

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                                        All The Romantic Love You Can Get In Merely One Engagement In Greece


Love is a chaotic feeling and yet again it includes so much order inside it, that it is hard (or even impossible) to be described through words or to be captured in an image… However, deep, honest, authentic love is such a special and untouched emotion, that it most certainly worth to be approached in the best possible way available.

This is one of the main reasons why this lovely couple, Eva and Thanasis, chose us to join their holy process of their engagement in Greece, by creating these  impeccable engagement images for them. This way, they are certain that, as the years go by and their love blossoms, they will always have a way to look back to these essential for them engagement images and get a sentimental reminder of this supreme day they spent together.

So, Eva and Thanasis expressed their meaningful love for each other in all of our “clicks”, by leaning peacefully to each other while expressing their true and vivid emotions under the clear, blue, sunny sky.


With plenty of filled with passion and romance embraces, a fully packed picnic, whitecandles burning, as well as a lot of love pervading the natural scenery, this graceful engagement in Argyriou Winery truly stands out. Furthermore, Eva looks magnificent in her airy white clothing, providing us with extraordinary images of her posing in a natural setting which most certainly suits her style and beauty.

In addition, they exchange some absolutely sweet and lovable moments while drinking in front of this remarkable red cabrio car. Last but not least, you may find ravishing their lovable expressions of their feelings for each other, which are apparent while they walk, hug, kiss and share these undeniably graceful engagement moments.



To be honest, we deeply enjoyed their engagement day in Greece, offering them a chance to have fun and enjoy themselves during our photo – shoot. Of course, we were there, as we are for all the couples we collaborate with, in order to capture each important aspect of this engagement in Greece.

We offered them our specialized services with all our mastery and prowess‧ in this one-of-a-kind mission, our prime equipment along with our several years of experience played a vital role in bringing a ravishing and unrivaled result that stands out.


We know that your engagement day is important for you. If you are concidering having an engagement shoot, then you most certainly need an experienced engagement photographer to provide you with incomparable results that will last through time. 
Your needs are important to us.

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 Design, Planning  : Vicky Galata