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Get Astonished By These Wedding Photos Of A Luxury Wedding In Rhodes

We truly hope that these wedding photos will take you to a luxury journey of love, where you will have the chance to get fully inspired for your destination wedding in Greece. Simultaneously, we believe that you will totally get astonished by these wedding photos, which we captured in an extraordinary wedding in Rhodes. Manolis and Fenia, this lovely couple, got married in the most luxurious way possible. To begin with, the bride, Fenia, looks stunning during her wedding preparation, where she wore a fabulous wedding dress by Konidi, looking dashing. 


Additionally, her shoes by Bottega Veneta instantly draw attention and elevated her whole style. Probably, you will fall in love with these astonishing wedding invitations by Manousenia, which look so glorious, and majestic in these wedding photos as it gets. Of course, the lights throughout the whole wedding certainly fall on the wedding decoration as well as the fact that the wedding day run really smoothly. All these thanks to the amazing wedding planning and design agency Golden Apple Weddings, which took care of everything and made sure to offer the bride and the groom a dreamy wedding in Rhodes, even better than the way they had initially imagined it.

 We could talk about Fenia’s extraordinary look for hours, however, what is truly worth mentioning is her blissful smile, which fills the atmosphere with notes of joyful and loving emotions. One thing you should most definitely pay attention to is Manolis and Fenia’s first look, which they exchange with all their romance the first time they meet before they are officially united. It is maybe pointless to try to describe all the love that is included in this very first look wedding photos, however, we believe we imprinted their honest feelings for each other in a way that is truly unforgettable.

Enjoy Everlasting Wedding Photos Of This Unforgettable Ceremony

Both Manolis and Fenia seemed to be fully satisfied with the way their wedding ceremony unfolded, with all their moved guests becoming a vivid part of this union each second that passed. Their wedding ceremony occurred in Rhodes Church of Annunciation, the most famous church in Rhodes town. Its architectural design, which was based on the design of the Medieval Gothic Church of Saint John, most certainly matches the majestic look as well as the decorative style of this wedding in Greece. To our eyes, this shiny couple looks grateful for having a chance to walk toward a fresh path of love. Their deep love for each other is evident through the memorable wedding photos that we, as Vesi and Yiannis Simopoulos, made sure to provide them with for the rest of their blissful lives together.

 Moreover, you will find magnificent the wedding photos of the bride, Fenia, just after the wedding ceremony, gazing into the dark sea, maybe thinking of her bright future. Her style and whole posture during these indescribable wedding photos may bring to your mind of a lady star on her way to a glorious journey. Truly, Fenia is about to arrive to Santa Marina, the place where their wedding reception and wedding party is occurring. Again, in the magnetic wedding photos that follow, our eyes are set to the wedding decoration as well as the wedding venue itself. Later on, the newlyweds along with their family and friends, enjoyed the live band “Melisses” singing exclusively for them, celebrating each second to the fullest.

 As you can see, Santa Marina hosted an extravagant wedding reception followed by an unforgettable wedding party, where candles on rocks were literally floating on the sea, just beside wooden tables which were ready to serve the guests. Simultaneously, the waves were hugging each side of the wedding venue, making the happy couple along with its family and friends float into a dreamy scenery… All these we captured for Manolis and Fenia in a unique way, providing them with wedding photos that create everlasting wedding memories. These memories remain untouched by time, softening and warming up this beloved couple’s heart and soul for as long as they wish. And this is what is priceless, honestly: Always remembering the moments it all started…