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Automn finds us with a sweet breeze of romance, as this marvelous elopement steals ourhearts for good. Lindos, a magical location in the island of Rhodes, hosted the union of thislovely couple, who enjoyed the most special day of their lives to their fullest. Their wish was to keep this unique day to themselves, leaving everything else behind, diving into the spiral of the moment in a peaceful quietness.

Rhodes, this truly beautiful island which is filled with vivid historical elements, is ideal for a destination wedding or an elopement. Its traditional chapels along with its crystal clear waters and sandy beaches makes it a paradise on Earth. What can be said for the imposing buildings  that fill the stone alleys, or the breathtaking view that remains in the mind and heart of the travelers forever?

Maybe these are the reasons why Krista and Diego – an American and a Peruvian – chose Rhodes as the island where they wished to express their deep love for each other and exchange their vows.

Style and elegance characterize the bridal shoes, while the wedding rings, “dressed” in an exceptional blue box, definitely steal the show. The bouquet, in combination with the stylish floral decoration by Kay Creations on the wooden arch, create a unique imprint and provide the ceremony with a blissful simplicity that makes our hearts skip a beat.

Both the bride and the groom seem to be filled with happiness at every step of the procedure, while the images of this fantastic gallery, filled with authenticity, capture the spoteinity and the romance that is spread in the air. The bride, especially, looks truly gorgeous with her filled with flair wedding dress, posing with her greatest smile for our camera, as she is getting ready to get married to the love of her life.

Their portraits look stunning, as do their couple portraits, where they share their most private moments – the last ones before they officially become “husband and wife” – filled with deep smiles and gentle hugs. Their path to the beach where their wedding is about to take place can be said to be their path to life, filled with glory, magical steps and passionate kisses in front of an amazing view – this of their future.

Wedding Planner and Styling Company Golden Apple Weddings brought for the occasion nature into the spotlight, which is absolutely right considering the feeling that Krista and Diego wanted to get out of their peaceful elopement. Moreover, the wedding reception, with the touch of nature once more – as it is filled with flowers – stands out due to the golden cutlery and the pale pink details.

As for the ceremony itself, it is extremely sweet to see the eyes of both of them sparkle with love and honesty, while they take an oath for eternal love – just right next to the calm, light blue sea waters. All this scenery makes us feel sensitive and brings tears to our eyes, making us live this couple’s most important moments along with them.


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                                         Wedding Design and Planning  : Golden Apple Weddings          Floral Design : Kay creations rhodes

                                                  Wedding Venue  :  Lindos Memories    Make Up : Makeupbymika   Couple : Krista & Diego