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Just in case you are wondering whether an engagement photo shoot is the best choice for you, today’s post will help you think straightforward on the matter. 

What is love without each one of the steps that lead to its climax? What is the deep meaning of being in love if you don’t fully follow and enjoy with your whole heart the path that blossoms for you and the love of your life? Taking authentic satisfaction in all the “small” elements that contribute to the very existence of falling in love is one of the very few joys that make our lives full of meaning.

Maybe – just maybe – this is the thought behind every engagement photo shoot. Maria and Etienne, who live in Canada, spontaneously decided to get engaged when they visited Athens. Samewise, plenty of couples chose us to capture on camera these unique moments of their engagement. Their main goal during this engagement photo shoot was to gain the opportunity to look back one future day and relive these spectacular and indescribable emotions. Emotions which come alive through vivid images filled with authenticity.

Here is how the story goes. Maria is Greek.· Most particularly, her origins  are from the magnificent island of Spetses. The happy couple decided to take a short vacation in Athens. Without having it on schedule, they took the decision of having a pre – wedding photo shoot. After all, they are about to get married in Greece the following summer.


Your Engagement Photo Shoot Can Be The Highlight Of Your Wedding Journey


The images we enjoy in today’s engagement photo shoot are filled with romance, passion and leanness. This lovely couple, following a proposal of ours, poses for our camera in front of a magnetic, imposing and historical building in Athens. This particular spot was instantly loved and accepted by both of them· Especially Maria fell in love with the idea. As a matter of fact, she was working as a teacher in Greece and used to pass by this building every day.

Initially dressed in white, they both seem to take deep satisfaction from the whole procedure. Of course, it becomes clear that they live each moment of the so important for them engagement photo shoot to the fullest. As it is obvious, they truly enjoy each step of the way. They made us smile along with their smiles, hugs and kisses. 

Simultaneously, the ways they gaze at each other are so filled with love and tenderness that the air adopts a fragrance of blissfulness. To be honest, we absolutely adored the clarity of the images with this outstanding engagement ring! Simultaneously, the change of the scenery and clothing takes our breaths away. Actually, it is an innovative idea that is offered by us to each couple’s engagement photo shoot.


Passionate Moments In An Engagement Which Steals Your Heart


This time, the location chosen for this engagement photo shoot was the natural scenery of Zappeio. Maria appeared wearing an amazing, filled with summer colors dress. Etienne, with his blue and white outfit, met his better half filled with loving emotions. Later on, they strolled around Ethnikos Kipos, blending beautifully with nature and trees. 

During their engagement photo shoot, they dance with the summer breeze gently touching their hearts. As a result, this made our mind and hearts travel along with their fairytale love. Moreover, when they share their authentic love by not being able to leave each other’s side even for just one second, we can’t help but feel happy for them and wish them every luck in their long journey in life as a couple.

As a matter of fact, an engagement photo shoot with us can be a fantastic and unforgettable experience. The reason? We offer you images that last forever. Who doesn’t want to look back one day and get filled with all these magical feelings they experienced before their wedding day?

We are here for you, ready to guide you each step of the way. 

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