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A winter wedding is most certainly an option you should take under consideration, if you wish to create something out of the ordinary and have everybody talk about your wedding day for the years to follow.

These days, we are more than excited to welcome cold and sweet December, with all its Christmas lights, hot beverages and steaming fireplaces!

We certainly know that Greece is famous for its sunny and carefree summer days – which are filled with crystal clear sea waters, sandy beaches and fabulous, stylish and unforgettable destination weddings. Nevertheless, each time that winter arrives, the Greek scenery becomes extremely magical, as the filled with mountains, forests and rivers landscape offer the ideal solution for a winter destination wedding.

If you wish to have a Christmas wedding in a country where nature prevails, trees have this familiar rainy smell and small traditional villages are filled with cozy taverns and luxurious, warm hotels with excellent service, then Greece seems to be the perfect location for you.

What If You Opt For A Christmas Winter Wedding In Greece – Always Embraced By Incomparable Wedding Images?

Of course, it is most certainly necessary to accompany your one of a kind destination wedding in Greece by exceptional, outstanding and extraordinary images‧ images that provide you not only with authentic and spontaneous results, but also with the clarity and precision you need in order to keep falling in love with your better half each time you take a look of them.

That is why we are here for. Our love and passion for filled with flair wedding days and nights, as well as our years of experience, help us understand your needs and offer you images that fill your heart and soul with romance and love for eternity.

Trust us to guide you through the magical moments of your wedding journey, while you enjoy the process to the fullest. At the end of your destination wedding in Greece, you are going to receive a final result with wedding images that will always remain vivid and untouched by time, no matter the years that go by.

                              A Christmas Winter Wedding In Arachova Which Is Filled With Joyful And Warm Moments

One thing is certain: When it comes to your winter wedding day, the moments you share with your loved ones and – of course – with your better half, are the ones that worth the most. And, as we are exploring in these unique wedding images, this is something that Despoina and Dimitris, this lovely and so made-for-each-other couple, seem to know really well.

To begin with, the way that wedding planning and design agency I Wish Chic Events organized this winter wedding in Greece is totally remarkable. Take a good look at the color contrast between the pitches of green and red, which make the whole scene to be just like it is made out of a Christmas fairy-tale – these are details you will surely adore! In addition, one thing that it is absolutely worth mentioning is the floral decoration, especially made for this winter wedding in Greece by Jim Labraco, offering an exceptionally chic and amazing final touch in this marvelous Christmas wedding in Arachova.

The happy couple got married in a particularly wonderful traditional Greek church, Agios Georgios, where their friends and family enjoyed the wedding ceremony all the way. Simultaneously, they had the chance to experience a wedding day which totally speaks to our hearts due to all these romantic and mellow moments.

Later on, they all joined a memorable wedding dinner in a warm and fantastically decorated venue called Paramount Parnassos. The wooden details along with the colors and the floral decoration make each and every one of us dive into the so loved world of Christmas more than ever.

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We deeply understand that your wedding day is one of the most important occasions of your lifetime. Therefore, we always make sure we  take a good care of the couples we collaborate with.

With our prime equipment, years of experience in the wedding field as well as our love for our occupation, we make sure that you, your better half and your loved ones enjoy each step of the way. The flawless final result is a promise we firstly make to ourselves – then, of course, to you.

Come in touch with us, ask us what you wish to know and make sure you book a date as soon as you can!

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