This Santorini belle epoque inspired wedding falls nothing sort of irresistible. Siding with Maria Silla from Tie the Knot Santorini and the driving forces behind The Secret Owl a magical out of this time and place wedding evolved in one of the rarest gems of Oia Santorini, a 19th-century manor just perfect for a wedding fete. Our hosts were kind to show us into its unadulterated beauty where every scene seemed as if it jumped from the silver screen.
It does take a colonial belle like our beautiful Elisabeth sporting wedding gowns by Made Bride, artfully crafted pieces and shoes by Katerina Savrani and stunning cocktail diamonds by Kousvelaris. With Maria Nomikou and Renia on Elisabeth’s minimally fresh hairstyle and makeup, our bride was simply a vision. The handsome groom was styled to perfection by Its a Man’s Class with attire from Kourlas Athens and got tons of applause as he and his bride meandered the narrow pebbled streets of Oia to the church.
Back in our manor, an entire production was on the works. Gorgeous vintage patio furnishings festooned with greenery, garden roses, monstera leaves, and dahlias received the royal treatment with velvet fabrics, White Lilac silverware and chinoiserie right from the time capsule, but Maria’s vision was far from done. Two stunning three-tiered beauties by Alexandra’s Cakes and totally fresh invitation suites by Bright White Invitations became our cherry on top.
Shooting this era wedding inspiration has not only been a complete joy but a true lesson in style as we got to witness how heritage pieces can transform into the exquisite decor. Our heartfelt thank you to the teams!

Styling & Design : @tietheknotsantorini

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