This family photography session will make your heart melt with sweetness.

When you’ve had the opportunity to get to know a couple really well, you’re always happy to see their family grow. Rullie and Christos are two amazing souls whose elegant wedding we’ve had the pleasure to photograph 4 years ago. As time went by, and their first daughter Raphaelia arrived in the world we turned from wedding photographers to their family photographers. Now that is a true honor right there, considering the memories, the love, the trust, and the bond built between us.
With those three, there seems to be no end of the good news as their family is getting bigger once again. Rullie and Christos asked us to come up with an idea for a family shooting so as they can go back to this deliciously happy times, and have some beautiful portraits of their oldest daughter as well.
Our idea of perfect happiness is quite minimal really, because its the gestures, the smiles and the emotions we’re so endeared by. No fanfare or ballyhoo, we headed to an idyllic forest clearing where the family enjoyed a small picnic, all dressed in whites. We foraged through the hedges for some wild blooms, straddled the verdant village of Loutra Ipatis, and enjoyed the thrills of soaked in light countryside as the beautiful family spent moments of happiness in the undulating landscape of Central Greece.
And if you’re a bit like us, family lovers who adore to bask in the beauty of an organic landscape, this family photography session will certainly make your heart melt with sweetness.

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